Welcome to the Children's Ministry of Harvest Chapel!

The Children's Ministry of Harvest Chapel provides ministry for children from birth through fifth grade. All of our children's ministry are staffed with screened volunteers. As lovers of Jesus and children they will interact with your child in loving and caring ways.

Whether you are a visitor or a regular attender, we want to welcome you to the Children's Ministry of Harvest Chapel. This introduction is to help familiarize you with our ministry “with” children. We say ministry with children because we believe that we learn and grow with children as we teach and care for them and help them to grow in their relationship with Christ.

The goal (heart) of Children’s Ministry at Harvest Chapel is to help children discover Jesus in a personal way. We believe that children are a gift from God and should be handled with love and care. Because children are important to us and in the kingdom of God, we make every effort to provide a safe, positive, nurturing environment: an environment in which children can grow and receive training to equip them to love and serve Christ and others.

It is our desire that the care and training that children receive here will be taken with them throughout their lives. We hope and pray your child will join us and be inspired to a deeper knowledge of God’s Word and become a closer, everyday follower of Jesus!
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