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Growing together.

Connected to God and others, Empowered by His Spirit, and Grounded in the Truth of who Jesus says you are!

What is WIRED?
We are a youth movement that is excited about helping teens connect with each other and with God. We believe that the teenage years are super formative in regards to an individual's worldview and faith. We are all about giving teens a safe place and to empower who they are, what they believe, and what they will do with God. At the end of the day, we want teens to be grounded in Jesus so they can carry the Good News to their family and friends.  

What's the point?
The whole purpose of WIRED Youth Group is to give teens a fun, safe environment to build relationships, encounter God, and be forever changed by Jesus. We want to connect as many students as possible to Jesus and help them become fully committed followers of Christ for the rest of their lives.  

Wired Youth ReStart

Wired Youth Sunday School

Hey Students 6th-12th Grade!

We have missed you and we are excited to let you know we will be shifting our WIRED Youth Sunday School to a new time and it will be HYBRID! (So, if you are an old gas guzzler you can't come.  
Actually, we are going to be providing the option to come in person and to join in remotely via zoom!

So, we (6th-12th graders) will be connecting Sundays @ 10:30 either in person at the Church or via the zoom link. (Feel free to email Pastor Josh and joshl.harvest@gmail.com if you haven't been getting the link).

At this point, we are asking students who would like to come to the building to register ahead of time. In order to maintain social distancing in the youth room, we have a limited number of seats for in person. Also, we are asking that everyone wear their mask for the duration of time they are in the building. Thanks for your understanding and grace in this season, and I am super excited to connect with you and continue to learn how to follow Jesus together!

In addition to this awesome news, we also want to let you know to save the dates of February 14th and 24th and stay tuned for more info! We are planning some in person events for those dates probably at 6-8pm!
Hope to see you there!
Pastor Josh and the WIRED team! 

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