The Art of Kidding or How to be a Child

Jun 19, 2022    Jim LaBarr

No matter the make-up of a family, a family is a team. Each member of the family plays a unique role in the structure and function of the family, the home team. This was God’s idea from the very beginning and this is the heart behind our message series called Home Team. It’s a series on family and all the joys and blessings and gifts and challenges and struggles that we experience in our families. But we know that family doesn’t always work like it should. Family gets complicated and relationships get messy. The home team was God’s plan so how can we live into God’s design and experience the best for our families?

You've heard of "adult-ing" but what about "kid-ding" - how do we live as a kid in a family? This week we consider the responsibility and gifts of being a child in a family and find encouragement in some of the most famous verses of the Bible--the Ten Commandments. What does it mean to honor your father and mother?