Jesus In Us

May 8, 2022    Jim LaBarr

Continuing our sermon series "The Domino Effect" from the letter of Colossians, we're onto chapter two. Paul was convinced that Jesus’ resurrection was the start of something new and he wrote to encourage the Colossians to live into the truth of that new start. For Paul, understanding the truth of the resurrected Jesus was like toppling the first domino.

This letter of Colossians is a treasure trove of proverbial dominos, each holding enormous capacity to topple things far exceeding its original size. The dominoes begin with the resurrected Jesus and keep multiplying. God’s kingdom grows exponentially within and through us. These truths hold the possibility of tipping fresh movements of awakening in our lives and beyond. This week we're onto our next domino, Jesus not only in me, but in us. There is power in spiritual friendships.