Come Christmas with us!

The invitation is as simple as it is comprehensive. It is not an invitation to commit your life to this or that cause or to join an organization or purchase another book. The invitation is this: to wake up to the life you always hoped was possible and the reason you were put on plant Earth.  
We want you to know beyond a shadow of doubt -- God loves you -- no matter what! This is what we will talk about as we journey through Advent this season. 

cHristmas eve 2021

Join us for Christmas Eve on December 24th at Harvest Chapel
Services times: 1pm, 5pm, & 7pm

Digital Advent Devotionals 2020

2020 has been quite a year.

With a global pandemic, natural disasters and sociopolitical tension came weariness and a widespread longing for relief.

What many don’t realize is that this is what Advent is about — the waiting, the longing, the hope that something better is on its way. It’s about God promising and fulfilling His promises of a better world, a new kingdom and a perfect King.

More than 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was born into humble circumstances. He lived a perfect life and laid down that life as a sacrifice so that all who believe in Him will have access to God’s coming kingdom. So that you can be His.  
And then He rose to life again and returned to His heavenly throne. Hope has come.

This was a fulfillment of a promise God had been making for centuries, and it was followed by a second, even more wonderful, promise: Jesus will come back again and make all things right and new. Hope will come again.

This season, we remember the true meaning of Advent: the great joy God has promised for those who hope in Him.

Join us, beginning November 29, as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day, knowing a greater celebration is yet to come.

We have filmed several Harvest Chapel families that have given their thoughts on selected scripture verses. On the weekends, we also have themed XPs (or eXPerience) to help you and your family live out these verses. Merry Christmas!

XP: Worship Fully

Thrill of Hope // Day 1
John 1v1-5

Thrill of Hope // Day 2
Isaiah 40:1-5

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Thrill of Hope // Day 3
Luke 1v46-56

Day 6/7
XP: Spend Less

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Thrill of Hope//
Day 10
Luke 2v8-14

Day 13/14
XP: Give More

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Thrill of Hope//
Day 17
Acts 20v32-35

Day 20/21
XP: Love All

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Thrill of Hope // Day 4
Luke 1v67-79

Thrill of Hope//
Day 8
Micah 5v2-4

Thrill of Hope//
Day 11
Luke 2v15-20

Thrill of Hope//
Day 15
2 Corinthians 9v6-11

Thrill of Hope//
Day 18
Isaiah 9v2-7

Thrill of Hope//
Day 22
Philippians 2v5-11

Thrill of Hope // Day 5
Matthew 2v1-8

Thrill of Hope//
Day 9
Luke 1v26-33

Thrill of Hope//
Day 12
1 Timothy 6v6-12

Thrill of Hope//
Day 16
John 3v16-21; 1 John 3v16

Thrill of Hope//
Day 19
Galatians 4v4-7

Thrill of Hope//
Day 23
John 1v9-14