We will start a new sermon series entitled "Domino Effect" as we walk through the book of Colossians. When people mention ‘the domino effect,’ they are typically talking about setting up regular dominos into some kind of design in order to tip the first one and begin a chain reaction. But there’s another type of domino effect in which a 2-inch tall domino can topple a larger domino, which can topple an even larger domino, and by the thirty-first domino you knocked over something 3,000 feet higher than Mt. Everest.

And so it is with Colossians, a treasure trove of proverbial dominoes, each holding enormous capacity to topple things far exceeding its size. When arranged together they hold the possibility of tipping fresh movements of awakening. That’s what happened from the moment Jesus began calling disciples to follow him. One life tipped into another life, which tipped into a family, which tipped into a village, and a town, and a region.

The dominoes tipped from the Upper Room with 120 people to the Day of Pentecost with 3,000 and all the way to the present day and some two billion Christians around the world. The dominoes are still falling. Impossible things keep happening. And Great Awakenings are still on the horizon.

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